The Story

I Bake You Smile is the emerging bakery and passion project of Texas native, Terrie Smith. Like most great moms, Terrie unleashed her delicious recipe book on her family first. After friends and acquaintances got a hold of some of her delectables, the word was out, and the Terrie was the go to person for everything sweet. After years of volunteering baked goods and desserts to fundraisers, charities and school events, her friends began to see that these recipes went far beyond the run of the mill brownie mixes or cake batters; they were special and should be shared with the world. With her kids getting older, the time seemed right to turn her passion into more than a hobby. Starting with event delivery and on-site dessert drop offs, Terrie’s bakery became quite popular in the local area, catering to schools, businesses and anyone who had heard about the delicious desserts coming out of her oven. In 2013, Terrie put a name to the enterprise, which exemplified the spirit of her business, dubbing it “I Bake You Smile.” And the rest is history. If you are located in the Texas area and want to experience desserts like none you’ve ever tasted, call us directly. For parties and events please refer to our events page.

What We're About

Quality and taste are two characteristics that should go hand in hand when it comes to the food you eat, but in many cases your dessert is lacking in both.

I Bake You Smile is all about making delicious desserts that are not only baked to perfection, but contain the best possible ingredients available for each recipe. There is no cutting corners when it comes to our baked goods, as they are made from scratch in the truest sense. No premixed ingredients and no imitation products - just the purest grains, nuts, sugars flours, and other organic ingredients, guaranteeing a taste that is truly unmatched.

We are passionate about our desserts and ensure that every product we bake is handled with extreme care. Each time you take a bite of an I Bake You Smile cookie, pastry, brownie or pie you will be able to taste what makes our products a step above the rest. We love making our clients smile, and that starts in the kitchen with a great recipe and an eye for detail. We’re excited you’re here and want you to experience I Bake You Smile in the comfort of your home or in the company of friends, so what are you waiting for? Start listening to your sweet tooth and place an order with us today!

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